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Rendezvous Band Offers Merging of Jazz and Electropop Music

Check out this up and coming jazz-electropop band about to enter mainstream this year. Known as "Rendezvous", they are currently working with D. Bascombe, the producer/mixer who has collaborated with Kylie Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia, Verve, and Suede. The band plays jazz music but their songs are also classified under electronica... It's interesting how both jazz and electropop were merged into one by this band! You may check out the band's music on

Rendezvous Jazzes It Up! Jazz is not the type of music to be trifled with. Even with the seemingly chaotic nature of jazz, it requires more consideration than most people think. Call it orderly turmoil, if you may. Jazz, just like a person, is made up of many layers that may take time before they are fully understood. Perhaps therein lies the charm of jazz; many people give up trying to comprehend what it means – and only those who have what it takes will reap the wonders of this unique genre. If appreciating jazz does not come naturally, creating it is even more tasking. That’s why jazz musicians receive such respect from the music community; their craft requires flair that if one is not born with, should be worked hard for.

That’s perhaps one of the reasons why the band Rendezvous has earned such acclaim in the world of underground music. They’ve released just three jazz tracks so far, but what they lack in quantity, they have more than made up for in quality. These three tracks, entitled Incognito, No Man’s Land, and So What, have received praise after praise from fellow musicians and listeners alike and have been played with pride in radio stations throughout the globe.

Even worthy of more respect is the fact that Rendezvous’ jazz tracks are not just jazz; they are also electronica. Rarely do we see music that represents different ends of the pole without the roof crashing down.

Rendezvous will always be known for their bold attempt to unify jazz and electropop. Fortunately, they will soon be going mainstream as they are set to release their very first album this year.

Rendezvous’ new album still boasts of a few songs with jazz licks, but they are putting forward a few tracks that go beyond what they have shown before. To see the band in the making of their album, check out their videos in YouTube through the Rendezvous channel or visit their website, (source: Sandra Gellar)

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