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Mike Jeffers Chicago Jazz Magazine Publisher And Jazz Drummer Does Radio!

Mike Jeffers, called "The Media Mogul Of Jazz In Chicago" by the Chicago Tribune, now has expanded his media presence to continue to praise the benefits of Chicago Jazz via the radio airwaves and video highlights of his current and past radio shows... Many friends and acquaintances of mine in the Chicago Jazz world have been and will be featured on the series of Tuesday night live broadcasts known as "This Is Chicago Jazz With Mike Jeffers" which can be heard on AM Radio's Avenue950 (950 on your AM radio dial-station WNTD) from 8PM to 10PM. Mike's radio show (he is a jazz drummer and publisher of Chicago Jazz Magazine) features in-depth interviews with the local and national musicians that help to create the jazz scene in Chicago. Joined by award winning cartoonist Charley Krebs and produced by Nick Eipers "This is Chicago Jazz" is the only show of it's kind in Chicago where musicians and fans can discuss topics related to Chicago and its vibrant music scene. Mike's radio show is also available now on FaceBook (as is JAZZzology). There are many Chicago jazz musicians that go un-acknowledged for their great musical talents and abilities, but hopefully no longer. So be sure to listen in every Tuesday night from 8-10PM on 950 AM radio and feel free to call in during the show and join the conversation 312-329-0950. Also, this jazz blogger is proud to announce that episodes of Mike Jeffers's radio show "This Is Chicago Jazz" will now be a regular feature posted on JAZZzology. Enjoy!

Here are the highlights of the latest broadcast from March 23rd, 2010 featuring jazz performer friends Petra Van Nuis and Bill Klewitz:

Here is a link to ALL the video highlights on the Youtube channel for "This Is Chicago Jazz With Mike Jeffers": You can even get podcasts of the shows to downlaod for free at itunes: ...Check'em out!


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