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"HOPE" A Night of Jazz, Blues, World Music & Human Fellowship for the Benefit of the People of Japan (April 12, 2011 @ 6PM-Jazz Showcase)

I need to clarify some information I previously posted here on JAZZzology about the planned Chicago jazz-oriented benefit, "HOPE" A Night of Jazz, Blues, World Music and Human Fellowship for the Benefit of the People of Japan, to be held at the Jazz Showcase on April 12th, is actually being put together by the non-profit organization, Human Thread ("Popularizing a Culture of Peace and Inspiring Action") and is supported by The Japan America Society of Chicago. For additional official information about the event, please go to Human Thread's website at
 or contact them via email:

 Michiko Kobayashi

Wayne Segal
My understanding now is...that this event is being organized by Human Thread's Michiko Kobayashi (photo on right) and Wayne Segal, who is the Venue Sponsor (photo on left), as well as countless behind-the-scenes volunteers. My friend-in-jazz, Chicago jazz bassist, Steven Hashimoto is functioning as the Music Coordinator / liaison to the musical community. As Steve describes in his own words: 

"The benefit will be held on Tuesday April 12, 2011 at the Jazz Showcase, 806 S. Plymouth Ct., 6-11PM. Here is the newly updated roster (ATTN: click on  a participating artist's name for a link to more info about them) : Neal Alger, Tatsu Aoki, Rich Armandi, John Bany, Arlene Bardelle, Elizabeth Basta, Jeff Chan, Heath Chappell, Jim Cooper, Brad Dickert, Coco Elysses, Pat Fleming, Mike Frost, Stephen Frost, Paulinho Garcia, The Green Mill Quartet, Chris Greene, John Janowiak, Fernando Jones, Kathy Kelly, Mike Levin, Howard Levy, Leandro Lopez-Varady, Dennis Luxion, Shawn Maxwell Quartet, Stacy McMichael, Mothra, Tom Muellner, Matt Nelson, Yoko Noge, Kalyan Pathak, Dean Rolando, Kurt Schweitz, Rick Shandling, Fred Simon, Linard Stroud, Sueños Latin-Jazz, Ken Takaoka, Zvonimir Tot, Haruko Wada, Hiroshi Yasuda, and, of course, me (Steven Hashimoto) and More!
Steven Hashimoto

Barry Winograd and Neil Tesser will be co-emceeing, and Rick O’Dell, of WLFM (the smooth-jazz station) will also be helping out. Andy’s Music has contributed some backline help, and Stu Katz has also contributed his set of vibes for Kathy and Jim to play. Thanks, everyone.

Some of you have sent regrets but would like to know if you can still contribute; yes, of course. Go to -- that’s the Japan America Society of Chicago (JASC) website (NOT the Japanese American Service Committee website, as I was mistakenly under the impression). They’re handling all the financial logistics. Click "Donate Now" on the home page of JASC and enter the code: "Benefit Concert" in the "Additional Comment" Box (very important!)

Again, to be clear, there’s a suggested $30 donation, but if you can’t afford that and still want to come and hang out with us, give whatever you can, as long as you give something." All proceeds will go to The Japanese Red Cross Society (via JASC). Also appetizers & hors d'oeuvres will be presented by Ai Japanese Restaurant & Lounge, Msquare Catering, Cocoro Sushi & Restaurant, and Ginza Restaurant. Some of the equipment for the show will be provided by Chicago's own, Andy's Jazz Club.

MORE JAPAN TRAGEDY MUSIC TRIBUTES/BENEFITS organized by other individuals:
On May 1, 2011 singer Elaine Dame will host a benefit at Erwin Café, 2925 N. Halsted Street, from 5 to 9pm.

On April 1st, 2011 "A Japanese Relief Earthquake Fundraiser" occurred at the Chicago Cultural Center whcih featured Yoko Noge's Japanesque ensemble comprised by the likes of Chicago jazz artists Jimmy Ellis, Mwata Bowden and Edward Wilkerson, Jr. on saxophones, blues guitarist Jimmy Burns, trombonist Bill McFarland, two Japanese taiko drummers with bassist Tatsu Aoki playing a shamisen. You can read more about this event here at Howard Reich's Chicago Tribune column (click on link).  

Borrowing from Hashimoto's newsletter, I wanted to share this message from Chicago songwriter/musician Al Rose’s musician friend in Japan, Keiji Matsumoto: "To our friends who believe that music has power: This unprecedented tragedy that has fallen on our country is making us confront the biggest fear ever. To help us ease the sorrow and become stronger for those who are suffering, we have set up a page on Facebook called "Heart is in the Right Place: Music Prayer for Japan." (click on the link to view the wall postings)...We would like to make this site a communal altar where we can seek for solace, and pray for those who died in this tragedy, those who are still missing, those who are affected seriously, and for ourselves who are just standing in fear, watching the news everyday, unable to decide what to do next. To support those facing this catastrophe and lift our spirits, please dedicate "the song" that you would entrust your heart and add a message to it. It will be posted on the site together with a translation into Japanese by us. Any song, by any artist. Please let us know the title of the song and the name of the musician who plays it, or simply send us a Youtube link to We would also appreciate if you could pass this e-mail to other musicians or people in the music business of your trust."

                          Give a listen to Dmenno's original tune "Guitar Tears For Japan" music video:

(Sources: Steven Hashimoto's newsletter "News From The Trenches",,,,,,, various participating artists websites)

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Anonymous said...

It seems like it was forever about but it really was not. They are STILL cleaning up from the horrible things that happened in Japan and it's nice to see a bunch of artists dedicate their time to get donations for the families that lost so much. I wish these kinds of benefits were still going on as I know that they need much more help from talking to personal friends that I have over there.