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Top 10 Jazz Albums of 2010

Here are what JAZZzology deems to be the top ten JAZZ albums of 2010!!! My most favorite track out of this list is that of Maurice Brown's "Time Tick Tock" found on his "The Cycle Of Love" album; I have included his music video for this tune which is posted at the end of this article. Please note that several Chicago-based jazz musicians are on the list this year; checkout the links below to the artists' websites for more info on these performers...

1. Maurice Brown
"The Cycle Of Love"
(Brown Records 2010)

Jason Moran
(Blue Note; US: 21 Jun 2010; UK: 21 Jun 2010)

Marc Ribot
"Silent Movies"
(Pi; US: 28 Sep 2010; UK: 20 Sep 2010)

Matthew Shipp
(Thirsty Ear; US: 26 Jan 2010; UK: 26 Jan 2010)

Mike Reed's People, Places And Things
"Stories And Negotiations"
(482 Music; 20 Apr 2010)

Steve Coleman and the Five Elements
"Harvesting Semblances and Affinities"
(Pi; US: 8 Jun 2010; UK: 16 Dec 2010)

Henry Threadgill Zooid
"This Brings Us To, Volume II"
(Pi; US: 26 Oct 2010; UK: 8 Nov 2010)

The Jazz Passengers
(Justin Time; US: 16 Oct 2010; UK: 12 Oct 2010)

"Mood Music for Time Travellers"
(Accurate; US: 10 Aug 2010; UK: 10 Aug 2010)

Myra Melford and Be Bread
"The Whole Tree Gone"
(Firehouse 12 Records; US: 19 Jan 2010; UK: 19 Jan 2010)

Checkout Maurice Brown's hit single music video for "Time Tick Tock":

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