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Chicago Live Jazz Music Schedule (May 1-May 8, 2010)

Here is what's happening with the live Chicago Jazz Scene for the dates May 1st thru May 8th, 2010...

Alive One, Chicago (773) 348-9800
Call for updated performance information

Andy's Jazz Club
11 East Hubbard St.
Chicago, IL 60611
May & June
Sundays – 5pm Jordan Baskin Trio / 9pm Andy’s Jam Session
Mondays – 5 pm May-Hal Tsuchida Trio / 9pm Guy King’s Organ Trio
5 pm June – Chicago Jazz Orchestra/ 9pm Guy King’s Organ Trio
Tuesdays – 5pm Zona Sul/ 9pm Darwin Noguerra’s Evolution Quartet
Wednesday – May 5pmStephanie Browning/9pm Mike Smith Quartet
June 5pm Stephanie Aaron/9pm Mike Smith Quartet
Thursday – 5pm Bob Dogan Quartet / Yoko Noge’s Jazz Me Blues
Fridays/Saturdays at Andy’s
7 & 8 5pm Scott Burns Quartet / 9:30pm Henry Johnson’s Contemporary Jazz
14 & 15 5pm Bobby Lewis Quartet/ 9:30pm Yoko Noge’s Japanesque
21 & 22 5pm Isaiah Spencer Quartet / 9:30pm The Frank Catalano Band
28 & 29 5pm Chris Greene Quartet / 9:30pm Skinny William Quartet
4 5pm Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic Duo / 9:30pm Black Slang
5 5pm Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic Duo / 9:30pm Corey Wilkes
9 & 10 5pm Typhanie Monique / 9:30pm Von Freeman Quintet
18 & 19 5pm Chris Greene Quartet / 9:30pm Catalano & Smith Groove Therapy
25 & 26 5pm Cole Degenova Quartet / 9:30pm Guy King’s Little Big Band

The Brick Cafe & Bookstore
Waukegan (847) 599-1243
May 8
7:30 p.m., Saturday
David Drazin, solo piano jazz and blues concert

Club BluJazz Chicago (773) 360-8046
1540 W. North Ave
Chicago, IL
All Shows 7:30pm & 9:15pm
Late Night 11:30pm
Weekly Performances
Sundays 8pm Dennis Luxion Trio
Mondays 8pm Latin Jazz Jam Session
Tuesdays 8pm Tammy McCann Quintet
Wednesdays 8pm Mike Frost Project
Thursdays 8pm Diane Delin Group
Fridays late night 8pm Greg Pasenko Group
Saturdays late night 8pm Mike Frost and Friends
Weekend Headliners
Weekend shows 8pm & 9:45pm
1 Moutin Reunion Quartet from Paris
7 & 8 Greg Pasenko Group
14 & 15 Janice Borla Group
21 & 22 Dennis Luxion Quintet
28 & 29 Chicago Sessions CD Release Dan Trudell & Pat Malinger
2-3 Emil Viklicky
4-5 Joe Locke and the Force of Four
11-12 Denny Zeitlin Trio featuring Buster Williams and Matt Wilson

Cabin Fever Jazz Series, Gorton Community Center Lake Forest (847) 647-8282
Whether you are a seasoned Jazz fan or just beginning to explore this genre of American music you will give yourself a special treat and attend The Gorton Community Center's
Gorton's 2010 Cabin Fever Jazz series.
For 20 years Jazz Series has presented some of the world's finest jazz groups from not only Chicago but the world.
Held in the beautiful Gorton Community Center Auditorium
the Cabin Fever Jazz Series keeps jazz alive and happening in the Northern Suburbs.

The Chambers, Niles (847) 647-8282
Wednesdays 7 pm Jack Carr, Pianist, Singer
John Bany, Charles Braugham & Don Stille

Cafe Mestizo Chicago (312) 942-0095
Sundays 6 pm Jam Session with David Boykin
Checkerboard Lounge, Chicago (773) 684-1472
Thursdays 7pm A Taste of Jazz hosted by Tecora Rogers
Chicago Jazz Ensemble, Chicago (312) 334-7777

Close-Up 2 Chicago (312) 385-1111
Call for updated peformance information

Coq d'Or Chicago in The Drake Hotel (312) 932-4622
Thursdays & Fridays 9:00pm - 1:00am
Craig Lanigan
Saturdays 9:00pm- 1:00am
Paul Marinaro

Elastic Arts Foundation, Chicago (773)772-3616
Call for updated performance information

Family Piano Waukegan (847) 775-1988
Fri - 5/7 - Mike Basin, your favorite accordion player.
Fri - 5/14 - Laury Shelley, jazz singer to melt your socks off.
Fri - 5/21 - Pitchy & the 44's, variety like a barrel of monkeys!
Sun - 5/23 - Student Recitals, followed by Open Mic Night.
Fri - 5/28 - Dennis Carroll and the Possum Holler Boys.
June 11
7:30 p.m., Friday,
Dave Drazin Trio with Dennis Leise and Frank Gualtieri, live radio theater: "Pete Kelly's Blues" & "The Jack Benny Show."

FitzGerald's Berwyn (708) 788-2118
Big Band Jazz every Sunday at 5:30 pm

The Green Mill
4802 N. Broadway Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640
Green Mill performance Schedule
Sundays 11 pm Kimberly Gordon Organ Trio
Mondays 9 pm Patricia Barber Quartet
Tuesdays 9 pm Deep Blue Organ Trio
Wednesdays 9 pm Alfonso Ponticelli and Swing Gitan
2 am Frank Catalano Sextet
Thursdays 9 pm Alan Gresik’s Swing Shift Orchestra
Fridays 1: 30 am Green Mill Jazz Quartet Jam Session
Saturdays 12 am After Hours Jazz Party with Sabertoot
1 8pm Laurence Hobgood Sextet
2 2pm New Music Concert
7 9pm Maurice Brown Effect
8 8pm Maurice Brown Effect
14 9pm Jean-Michel Pilc Trio
15 8pm Jean-Michel Pilc Trio
16 3pm Chicago Jazz Composers Collective
21 9pm Ari Brown Quartet
22 8pm Ari Brown Quartet
28 9pm Re-release of “Nutville” : Jim Cooper Sextet
29 8pm Stephane Wrembel Trio
30 2pm New Music Concert 5pm Anaphora
4 9pm Pat Mallinger Quartet with special guest Bill Carrothers
5 8pm Pat Mallinger Quartet with special guest Bill Carrothers
11 9pm Frank Catalano Record Release Party
12 8pm Frank Catalano Record Release Party
18 9pm Jeff Newell’s New-Trad Octet
19 8pm Jeff Newell’s New-Trad Octet
25 9pm Pharez Whitted Record Release Party
26 8pm Pharez Whitted Record Release Party
Heartland Cafe, Chicago (773) 465 8005
Call for updated performance schedule

Jerry's - Wicker Park
1938 W. Division
Chicago, IL 60622
May 2 - Bonzo Terks
May 9 - Marquis Hill's Black-tet
May 16 - J.R. Miller Quintet
May 23 - Chris Weller
May 10 & 31 8pm Mike Jeffers with Jaw Potato (Pop/Rock/Funk)

Jazz Showcase Chicago 312-360-0234
806 S Plymouth CT
Chicago, IL 60605
Sets at 8 and 10 Mon-Sat, and at 4 PM and 8 and 10 on Sundays

1920 W Irving Park Rd
Chicago, IL 60613
(773) 348-7592
Katerina's performance scheudule
Dinner Show - 630-9pm (no cover) Paul Marinaro
1 630pm-9pm Southport Records Presents Dave Gordon
10pm 11th Annual Erotic Love & Springtime Fest. Greek Music Showcase w/Alfonso Ponticelli, Steve Gibons, Juliano Milo, Jamie Gallagher & Katerina. Special guests: Yoko Noge (Japanese/blues); Suzanne Petri (French/German cabaret)
3 830pm Jeanie Lambert, Bob Dogan & Greg Fishman
4 8:30pm Chi Chi's Cha Cha
5 7pm Guitars of Fire
6 730pm The FuturePerfectPoetry & New Media Presents Poets:
Miriam Ben-Yoseph, Deborah Nodler Rosen, Dina Elenbogen, Lisa Comforty, Helen Degen Cohen, Sara Schwarzbaum reading from
Where We Find Ourselves: Jewish Women Around the World Write About Home Music by St. Cloud
7 630-9pm Paul Marinaro (Early Friday Unwind After Work Jazz Series - no cover)
10pm Rembetika $10 (greek/world)
8 630pm-9pm Spider Saloff
10pm Rio Bamba
10 8pm Jodie Christian Quartet
11 8:30pm Tom Muellner Trio
12 830pm Sami Scot's Female Singer Tribute (soul/pop/jazz) no cover
13 8pm Paul Marinaro Trio's Sinatra Tribute (jazz) $10
14 630-9pm Laury Shelley: (Early Friday Unwind after Work Jazz Series - no cover)
10pm Alfonso Ponticelli's Flamenco & Gypsy-Jazz Showcase $10. (world/jazz)
15 630pm-9pm Dean Allrick $5 (jazz/cabaret)
10pm Paulinho Garcia Quartet CD Release Concert
"My Very Life" CD
17 8pm Elaine Dame's Musician Mixer. 8pm
18 8pm Heather Moran's "Rosie! A Tribute . . ."
19 8pm Sam Fazio Trio
20 8:30pm Agnieszka Iwanska Quintet
21 630pm-9pm Nicole Kestler & Brian Ohern
10pm Tecora Rogers Quartet $10. (jazz/soul/R&B)
22 630pm-9pm Spider Saloff w/Jeremy Kahn. $10 (jazz)
10pm Erwin Helfer, Katherine Davis & John Brumbach
24 8:30pm Alison Ruble Trio
25 8pm Rose Colella Trio: "A Hoegy Carmichael Tribute"
26 7pm Book Launch Party:Authors, Gina Frangello& Allison Amend
27 8:30pm Planeta Azul Productions Present TrioCopacabana.
28 6:30pm Marc Pompe & Andy Brown Fri. may 28
10pm The Rhythm Club (French&funk)
29 630pm-9pm Jeannie Lambert & Andy Brown.
10pm Vasilios Gaitanos
1 8:30pm Chi Chi's Cha Cha
2 9pm. Katerina's Composer Studio, hosted by Jeannie Tanner.This month's Special Guest Singer-Songwriters:Jane Baxter Miller (country) & June Shellene
3 7:30pm The FuturePerfect Poetry & New Media Series Presents Poets:Elise Paschen, Lina Ramona Vitkauskas,
4 630pm-9pm Paul Marinaro (Early Friday Unwind after work - no cover- Jazz Series)
10pm. $10. Rembetika (Greek/world)
5 630pm-9pm Southport Records Presents
10pm. Steve Gibons' GypsyRhythmProject
8 8:30pm Balkano
10 8pm Ella Fitzgerald Tribute Concert Featuring The Three Ellas:
Dee Alexander, Spider Saloff and Frieda Lee W/ Jeremy Kahn and Jim Cox.
11 10pm Alfonso Ponticelli's Flamenco & Gypsy-Jazz Showcase
12 10pm Delmark Record Label Artists, Dave Weld & the Imperial Flames
14 8:30pm Jodie Christian Quartet
15 8pm Judy Roberts & Jeannie Lambert's official CD Release Concert
18 630pm-9pm Nicole Kestler & Brian Ohern
19 630pm-9pm Rose Colella & Andy Brown
10pm The Jeannie Tanner Quartet
21 8pm Elaine Dame's Musician's Mixer
22 8pm Judy Roberts & Paul Marinaro
23 8:30pm B1g T1me: Tom Waits Tribute Band
24 8:30pm Grazyna Auguscik & Paulinho Garcia
25 630pm-9pm Rose Colella & Andy Brown.
26 630pm-9pm Spider Saloff w/Jeremy Kahn
28 8pm Judy Roberts & Petra Van Nuis
Katerina's Featured Artist in the Month of May is Grazyna Auguscik.
Those who attend all three of Grazyna Auguscik's shows at Katerina's this month will receive a complimentary CD of the artist's choice.

1525 W 79th St
Chicago, IL 60620-4108
Live Jazz at 6pm-8pm
Jazz Jam Sesson 8pm-11pm

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago 312-280-2660
The Summer Jazz Series Jazz on the Terrace June-September 2010

M Lounge Chicago (312) 447-0201
1520 S. Wabash Ave.
Chicago, IL 60605-2900
Jazz Tuesdays and Wednesdays 7pm
4 Julia Huff & The Company Band
5 Roger Harris Trio
11 Elaine Dame Quartet
12 Willerm Delisfort Project
18 Cecile Savage Trio
19 Chris Greene Quartet
25 Dave Van Der Laan
26 Delivery Point
1 Julia Huff & the Company Band
2 Roger Harris Trio
15 Night Wind
16 Chris Greene Quartet
22 TBA
23 Delivery Point
29 TBA
30 TBA

Morseland Chicago (773) 764-8900
Jimmy Bennington's Colour and Sound 8-10pm Jazz and American Free Music
Monday Night Jazz

New Apartment Lounge Chicago (773) 483-7728
Tuesdays 9 pm Von Freeman

Nirvana Wine and Grillerie (847) 918-7828
Tuesdays Jazz 7pm
Chris Madsen on saxophone

Old Town School of Folk Chicago (773) 728-6000
Noon to 10:00pm in WELLES PARK - 4400 North Lincoln Avenue
between Montrose and Sunnyside in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood
Admission: $10 suggested donation for adults / $5 suggested donation for seniors and children
For more information, contact the Old Town School of Folk Music:
Line-up subject to change - Rain or Shine - All Ages Welcome
8th Annual Midwest Invitational Fiddle Contest - 12:55pm
Hoyle Brothers - 2:00pm
James King Band - 2:55pm
Red Stick Ramblers - 4:05pm
Gingarte Capoeira Chicago - 5:05pm
Occidental Brothers Dance Band Int'l featuring Samba Mapangala - 5:30pm
Shemekia Copeland - 7:00pm
The Budos Band - 8:30pm
Wiggleworms 25th Birthday Party - 12:00pm
Wazo County Warblers & The Fly Boys - 1:00pm
The Boils - 1:45pm
Sanctified Grumblers - 2:30pm
Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo - 3:15pm
Leonard Jacome - 4:05pm
Red Baraat - 5:30pm
Les Saltimbanks -7:00pm
Etran Finatawa - 8:30pm

The Peninsula Hotel Chicago (312) 337-2888
Call for updated information.

Pete Miller's Steakhouse
Pete Miller's Evanston (847) 328-0399
Mondays – Corky McClerkin Trio
Tuesdays – Guy King Organ Trio
Wednesdays – Bobby Broom Trio
Thursdays – The Skinny

Pops for Champagne Chicago (773) 472-1000
Thursday, 9-12 with $8 cover
Friday and Saturday, 9-1 with a $15 cover
Live Music Sundays in the Champagne Bar
8-11 $No cover
Featuring - Dan Effland (g) and Joe Policastro (b) with guest drummers

Quencher's Saloon Chicago (773) 276-9730
Call for updated performance information
Regal Theatre Chicago (773) 768-9900
JAZZN’at the REGALTheater
Doors Open at 6pm
Performance at 7pm
$10 Admission
12 Baabe Irving
19 Corey Wilkes
26 Larry Gray

Hyde Park Jazz Society Chicago
5600 S. Woodlawn Avenue (on the southwest corner).
In the social hall. drinks and light food available.
2 Two for Brazil
9 Lady T Quintet + Tribute to Dave Green "The Piano Man"
16 Ron Salter and The Most Wanted
23 Charlie Johnson Quartet
30 Pharez Whitted Group

Smooth Jazz Cruise
The Jazz Cruise (TJC) is the one and only full-ship charter in the world dedicated to “straight ahead” jazz, and it is The Jazz Cruise 2011 that celebrates its 10th anniversary sailing January 30 - February 6, 2011 from Fort Lauderdale. For more info visitVisit the Cruise Website and scroll down to the Jan30th 2011 line of artists, or to reserve your stateroom now, call Jim Carter Toll Free (877) 735-6608
South Loop Lounge Chicago (312) 225-7000 x1013
Sun - Wed 11:30am-12am
Thur - Sat 11:30am - 2am
11. W. 26th St (corner of 26th & State)
Free Parking, No cover.
Sundays-Live Jazz and R&B Music 8-11pm
Monday-Business Spotlight Networking
Tuesday-Singles Mix & Mingle
Wednesday-Live Comedy
Friday-Facebook Friday

Tumbao Chicago (773) 772-9800
Visit Tumbao Online
3213 West Armitage Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647
Monday - Domino Night
Wednesday - Karaoke
Thursday - Live Latin Jazz
Friday - Old Skool Night Hosted by Local Dj's
Saturday - Live Salsa
**no cover, free parking after 9pm, proper attire required Friday & Saturday

Underground Wonder Bar
10 E. Walton
Chicago, IL 60611
Underground Wonder Bar performance scheudule
May Schedule
9pm–12am Open MIC hosted by Joanna Woods
12–4am Doubleshott neo soul
8:30 - 10:30pm Lonie Walker "Alone at Last"
10:30pm–12:00am Lorna Boston Band featuring Vince Willis
12:00-4am ProJam Session hosted by Lorna Boston
Latinese (5th)
Kevin Nabors Quintet (12th)
Sarah Potenza (19th)
Desiree Irwin & Twinray (26th)
Lonie Walker & her Big bad Ass Co. Band transcendent blues(5th 12th 19th)
France Jean-Baptiste & the Big Bad Ass Co. Band featuring Tony Brown (26th)
Sound Investment featuring Leland Alexander(6th)
Beau Barry & Bruce Mak (13th)
Brian Walker(20th)
Julie Meckler(27th)
10:30pm-1:30am Luiz Ewerling & A Cor Do Brazil
1:30-4am Vince Willis
Lorna Boston Band(7th)
Heather Horton(14th)
LOBA West-African (21st)
Pete Special Band (28th)
Lonie Walker & her Big Bad Ass Co. Band (7th14th21st)
Doubleshott & the Big Bad Ass Co. Band feat. Tony Brown (28th)
Kimi Hayes(1st)
Joanna Woods (8th)
Heather Horton Band (15th)
Donny Demarco Duo(22nd)
France Jean-Baptiste Band (29th)
Lonie Walker & her Big Bad Ass Co. Band (1st8th15th22nd)
Doubleshott & the Big Bad Ass Co. Band feat. Tony Brown(29th)
Dana Joseph (2nd)
Jazmin Sky (9th)
Sami Grisafe (16th)
Luna Blues Machine(23rd)
Tatterdemalion Jam(30th)
10pm-12am Kick the Record
12-4am Hurricane Reggae Band
9pm–12am Open MIC hosted by Joanna Woods
12–4am Doubleshott
8:30 - 10:30pm Lonie Walker "Alone at Last"
10:30pm–12:00am Lorna Boston Band featuring Vince Willis
12:00-4am ProJam Session hosted by Lorna Boston
8-10:30pm for listing(2nd)
Common Shiner (9th)
Sarah Potenza (16th)
Desiree Irwin & Twinray(23rd)
Lonie Walker & her Big bad Ass Co. Band
Story Book Road(3rd )
Beau Barry & Bruce Mak(10th)
10:30pm-1:30am Luiz Ewerling & A Cor Do Brazil
1:30-4am Vince Willis
Lorna Boston Band (4th)
Lonie Walker & her Big Bad Ass Co. Band
Eric Stang Project(5th)
Joanna Woods (12th)
Pete Special Band(19th)
Heather Horton(26th)
Lonie Walker & her Big Bad Ass Co. Band
sunday 8-10pm
Dana Joseph (6th)
Sami Grisafe (20th)
10pm-12am Kick the Record
12-4am Hurricane Reggae Band

The Venue at HorseShoe Casino
777 Casino Center Drive
Hammond, IN
The Venue
June 11 – Patti LaBelle
July 24 – Ringo Starr
July 31 – Al Green
Live Music Wednesdays in Push
May 5 – Triple Dose
May 12 – Wes John Duo
May 19 – Robby Celestin & Friends
May 26 – Chicago Dueling Pianos

Velvet Lounge Chicago (773) 276-9730
Monday-Tuesday CLOSED; Wed-Thurs 8:30pm; Friday-Sunday 9:30pm; AACM Showcase 7-9p.m. on first two Sundays of the Month
Call for updated performance schedules

Wildwood Steak House Geneva (630) 377-8325
No Cover
Fridays: 8:30pm Bruce Oscar/Nick Schneider Duo (jazz)

Special Concerts...
Auditorium Theatre, Chicago (800) 982-2787
Call for upcoming performances

Illiana Club of traditional Jazz, Glendora House, Chicago Ridge 708 425-4596
All concerts take place on Sunday afternoons from 2 t0 5:30 PM at the Glendora House, 102nd and Harlem in Chicago Ridge. Call 708 425-4596 or 219 923-6775.

Jazz Institute of Chicago, Chicago (312) 427-1676
Jazz Links Jam Session, Chicago
5-7 PM Randolph St. Cafe, located in the Chicago Cultural Center, 77 E. Randolph
Upcoming dates
Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, Chicago (312) 573-8932
Call for upcoming performance information
Chicago Jazz Orchestra, Chicago
Mondays in June
5pm Chicago Jazz Orchestra live at Andy's Jazz Club
11E. Hubbard, Chicago
The Lutheran Church of the Resurrection Jazz Vespers, Niles 847-965-8210
More Jazz Vespers information coming soon!

McAnich Arts Center at College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn
May 16 DuPage Community Jazz Ensemble

Piano Forte, Chicago (312) 291-0291
Jazz Salon @ Mayslake
May 22 Patricia Barber
WDCB Jazz Salon at Mayslake, Peabody Estate, Oak Brook
6:30p.m. Guided tour before the show of Mayslake Hall
13 7:30pm Erwin Helfer & Friends

Salute Wine Bar & Cafe
46 East Superior St. Chicago, IL. 60611
Live Jazz EVERY Wednesday from 7 to 10PM

(WDCB Jazz at Salute' is presented by Salute Wine Bar and Cafe, 90.9fm WDCB Public Radio and Stone Castle Promotions!)

This Must Be The Place
206 Main Street Lemont, IL 60439
Upcoming Events
May 1 - Waterstreet
May 7 - Kimi Hayes Band
May 8 - Autism Benefit - Ivas John Band
May 14 - Rico
May 15 - Jaywalkers
May 21 - Dave Schmidt and The Snouts
May 22 - Lil' Ed and The Blues Imperials
May 28 - Pete Galanis Band

Other Chicago area venues featuring great live jazz:
(Jazz may be scheduled at these locations - please refer to the club Web sites or give them a call)...

Back Room - 1007 N Rush St, (312) 751-2433

Catch-35 - 35 W. Wacker - (312) 346-3500

Checkerboard Lounge - 5201 S. Harper Ct., Hyde Park - (773) 684-1472

Chambers - 6881 N. Milwaukee Niles (847) 647-8282

Elastic - 2830 N. Milwaukee, Logan Square(773) 772-3616

Green Dolphin Street - 2220 N. Ashland(773) 375-0066

50 Yard Line- 69 E. 75th (773) 846-0005

Hideout - 1354 W. Wabansia 773) 227-4433

Hungry Brain - 2319 W. Belmont (773) 935-2118

Morseland - 1218 W. Morse - Jazz Monday Nights (773) 764-8900

Balcon del Mediterraneo, Burr Ridge
Bill's Blues, Evanston
Braxton Seafood Grill, Oak Brook
The Chambers, Niles
Cafe Mestizo, Chicago
Cuatro, Chicago
Fifty Yard Line, Chicago
FitzGerald's, Berwyn
Gale Street Inn, Chicago
Geno's Place in the Park, Calumet Park
Gibson's, Rosemont
Green Dolphin Street, Chicago
Joe's Bebop Cafe, Chicago
Pacific Blue, Glen Ellyn
Pete Miller's Steakhouse, Evanston & Wheeling
Sullivan's Steak House, Naperville
Jilly's, Naperville
L'Anne, Wheaton

Also don't forget WDCB Jazz Radio Live Jazz Hosting Nights:

WDCB Jazz Wednesdays at Salute'
Salute' Wine Bar, Chicago

The Chicago Trombone Authority Jazz Concert Featuring:Laury Shelley
May 2nd, 2010
4:00pm - 5:30pm
Artist/Group: The Chicago Trombone Authority Jazz Concert Featuring:Laury Shelley
Laury Shelley will be featured with The Chicago Trombone Authority(CTA). The CTA ia an electic collection of the best trombonists from the Chicago land area. Their mission is to preserve, promote and enhance the legacy of the trombone and the music written for it....thanks to Tom Kordus,the Musical Director and creator of this unique, incredible ensemble. The ensemble will be performing jazz arrangements adapted for trombone from Kai Winding, Patrick Williams and Michel Legrand to debut performances for 10 trombones and rhythm section featuring the voice of Laury Shelley.
Trinity United Methodist Church
605 West Golf Road
Mount Prospect IL
Phone: 847-439-0950

WDCB Night at the Jazz Showcase
Darwin Noguera Trio
Mon, May 3, 2010
Jazz Showcase, Chicago

WDCB Jazz Thursdays
Thu, May 6, 2010
Adelle's, Wheaton

JazzCity: Young Jazz Lions, led by Dudley Owens
with Fred Jackson, Dave Miller, Josh Ramos, and Clif Wallace
Fri, May 14, 2010
Tuley Park, Chicago

JazzCity: Jazz Cabaret
featuring Tammy McCann
Fri, Jun 11, 2010
Tuley Park, Chicago

Chicago Blues Fest
Fri, Jun 11, 2010
Grant Park, Chicago

Chicago Blues Fest
Sat, Jun 12, 2010
Grant Park, Chicago

Chicago Blues Fest
Sun, Jun 13, 2010
Grant Park, Chicago

JazzCity: 4th Annual Latin Jazz Festival
featuring Chevere
Fri, Jul 9, 2010
Tuley Park, Chicago

JazzCity: String Thing, led by Larry Gray
with Tomeka Reid, Sames Sanders, Renee Baker and Jeff Parker
Fri, Oct 8, 2010
Tuley Park, Chicago

Jazz Cruise with WDCB's Bruce Oscar
Fri, Nov 5, 2010
Norwegian Sun, Port Canaveral

JazzCity: Trans-Rooted
featuring Tatsu Aoki
Fri, Nov 12, 2010
Tuley Park, Chicago

JazzCity: 21st Century Ragtime
Reginald R. Robinson
Fri, Dec 3, 2010
Tuley Park, Chicago


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