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New Jazz Documentary Film "Chops" Endorsed By Jazz At Lincoln Center Featuring Wynton Marsalis w/Jazz Students

As we all know the economic times have hit us all a little hard right now...and jazz music & musicians are no with the help of our friend John Ericson at B-Side Entertainment ( ) we want to make people aware of this new John states "...we're trying to get the word out about the new jazz documentary "Chops" and think it is very relevant to the readers of JAZZzology. The doc is about one high school jazz band's experience at the Essential Ellington high school jazz competition - it's inspirational, great for kids and adults alike and features Wynton Marsalis heavily. It's been endorsed by Jazz at Lincoln Centerand has screened there, film festivals throughout the country and theSmithsonian National Museum of American History.

You can view the trailer at the official website: ...We're also trying to get the word out about the film's Facebook page,which JAZZzology readers can go to for updates about the film -

As you know, jazz festivals and publications are hurting right now due to the poor economy. We think this documentary is a great fund raising tool for any jazz-related organizations, as we will be distributing the film through a unique screening process that allows anyone who hosts a screening to keep 100% of the proceeds. And at a time when jazz is hurting, it's a crowd-pleasing and exciting film that will inspire audiences, especially young people."

So, be sure to check out the "CHOPS" Official Website, Facebook Page and take a look at the trailer. Support Live Jazz whenever and wherever you can...Yours in jazz...Zology

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