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Fred Anderson's 80th B-Day @ Velvet Lounge

Check out the Fred Anderson 80th Birthday Festival in Chicago, IL starting Wednesday 18 March, 2009 thru the actual birthday party on Sunday 22 March, 2009 (a.k.a Velvet Lounge “Bail-out” Festival); these are ticketed events. An additional non-ticketed kick-off gig on Sunday, March 15 features the AACM Great Black Music Ensemble, and an encore bonus gig on Wednesday, March 25 @ the Hideout will also be happening.

All proceeds are donations to benefit the Velvet Lounge.There are only a total of 78 tickets for sale each night, the club's legal capacity is exactly 100 and the tickets are available only at the Velvet Lounge, during normal business hours (847-917-0776), or call the Velvet (312-791-9050) to make an appointment to drop by at a more convenient time.

Full schedule follows:

Sunday, March 15, 7pm-9pm ($15/note new time):
AACM Great Black Music Ensemble
with artistic director Mwata Bowden featuring original compositions dedicated to Fred Anderson and special guest appearance by Fred Anderson

Wednesday, March 18, 8:30pm ($20 in advance): Wednesday Masters Series Tribute

SET I—Richard Davis & Willie Pickens

SET II (10pm)—Edwin Daugherty/Ari Brown/Dawi Williams/Dushun Mosley with special guests Douglas R. Ewart & Henry Grimes

Thursday, March 19, 8:30pm ($20 in advance): Justin Dillard Tribute

SET I—Justin Dillard & the D-O-3-O Organ Trio (Dave Miller & Cliff Wallace) with special guest
Mike Moynihan

SET II (10pm)—Kahil El’ Zabar Trio (Justin Dillard & Junius Paul) with special guest
Ernest Dawkins

Friday, March 20, 9:00pm ($30 in advance/note special time): Asian Improv Records Tribute

SET I—Chicago Clarinet Quartet featuring Jeff Chan, Mwata Bowden, Ed Wilkerson and special guest Jimmy Ellis

SET II (10:30pm)—Tatsu Aoki & Miyumi Project “Big Band Edition” with special guests
Jeff Chan, Ed Wilkerson, Jimmy Ellis, Jeff Parker & Avreeayl Ra

SET III (12am)—Fred Anderson, Jeff Parker, Tatsu Aoki & Chad Taylor

Saturday, March 21, 8:00pm ($35 in advance/note special time): “Blackout Festival” Tribute*

SET I—Ernest Dawkins & the New Horizons Ensemble (Steve Berry, Darius Savage, Isaiah Spencer) with special guest Corey Wilkes

SET II (9:30pm)—Dee Alexander Quartet (Miguel de la Cerna, Harrison Bankhead,
Frank Parker Jr.) with special guest Nicole Mitchell

SET III (11pm)—Ari Brown Quartet (Kirk Brown, Yosef ben Israel, Avreeayl Ra) with special guest
Pharez Whitted

SET IV (12:30am)—“Jam for Fred” with above plus special guests Hamiet Bluiett,
Henry Grimes, Kidd Jordan & more

*Presenting the First Annual Chicago Creative Excellence in Music Awards. Nominations @

Sunday, March 22, 7:00pm ($35 in advance/note special time): Fred Anderson’s 80th Birthday Party!

SET I—Fred Anderson, Jeff Parker, Harrison Bankhead & Hamid Drake with special guest
Kidd Jordan

SET II (8:30pm)—same as above w/ special guests Billy Brimfield, Henry Grimes & Chad Taylor

SET III (10pm)—“Free Jazz Jam” with all above plus surprise special guests

SET IV (11:30pm….)—Isaiah Spencer & the Velvet Jam All-Stars featuring Kevin Nabors,
Chris McBride & Junius Paul followed by the Velvet Lounge Jazz Jam….

Encore Bonus Gig

Wednesday, March 25, 9:30pm:

Immediate Sound Series Tribute @ the Hideout

1354 W. Wabansia Ave Chicago—773) 227-4433

TWO SETS—Fred Anderson, Harrison Bankhead & Tim Daisy

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